Classes are booked by the term and generally run in  blocks of  4 to 8 weeks.  Committing to a full term ensures that all individuals benefit from a fluid progression of exercises week by week, helping you to reach your individual goals quicker!  

Unless otherwise specified, email to book your class





If you have any injuries, or medical conditions a 1:1 would be recommended before joining a group class. These sessions are not a substitute for medical counseling or treatment. If you have any doubts about the suitability of the classes, you should refer back to your medical practitioner.



Ideal for those who have never tried Pilates before or for anyone that would like to re-visit the foundations of the practice and work on improving technique and form.  We will explore the basic exercises that form the building blocks of many of the classic Pilates repertoire. We’ll be exploring breathing patterns, correct and safe alignment of the body, co-ordination of movement as well as the stability and mobility of all the joints in the body.


If you have always wanted to know what Pilates is all about, come and give this class a go. The class is kept small to allow each individual to receive personal support and attention throughout the class, allowing for greater understanding of the exercises and a greater knowledge of the Pilates method in general. 

Mixed Ability


Gentle but effective full body conditioning class based on Body Control Pilates principles to improve your strength and flexibility, posture, coordination and overall freedom of movement.

These classes are suitable for all abilities as the exercises can be modified for any experience level, providing as much of a challenge as your body needs.  

The focus of the classes will be on creating a sense of balance within the body. We will look at restoring good alignment through our movement, strengthening the deep muscles within the body, and developing core strength to improve stability and posture.


Parent & Teen

An hour of stress free Pilates for you and your teen to take part in together.  In this small and friendly class we will focus on improving posture, coordination and overall body awareness - ideal for adults and teenagers alike.  Through exercising many of the forgotten muscles in the body, we will attempt to offset the hours spent sitting at school, work and home, and exercise towards developing a strong balanced body.


Working out together with your teenager can be healthy and worthwhile practice, physically and emotionally, Pilates is perfect for encouraging a calmer and happier state of mind due to the focus of breathing and the slow intentional movements in class. With teenage life come hormones, school stresses, and a possible lack of self-confidence, so this class will be an hour where you can both take the time to focus solely on yourselves and what your bodies are capable of.