New Restorative Pilates Class for Spring 2021

Niggling achey shoulders and tense neck from all the computer work? Craving a strengthen and stretch session to open up your chest and lengthen out your spine? Maybe you just fancy a midweek break from the stress of work, and would like to take an hour out for yourself to enjoy some restorative movement and reconnect to your body. I do.

So, starting on Wednesday 14th April I will be launching a new online lunchtime class that will do all of those things and more...

Restorative Pilates - Wednesdays 12:15pm - 13:15pm

A calm and gentle Pilates class focusing on breath, posture and restoring balance within the body. This class will move at a slightly slower pace and will aim to deepen your connection with your body whilst honing in on the ABC's of Pilates - alignment, breath and centring. ​ Serving as a mid week movement break from the stresses of the week, we will work through movements and stretches that help to offset the hours spent doing the repetitive movements that make up our week, whether that be sitting, standing, lifting, driving or anything else that might be a regular part of your day! ​ These classes are also ideal for those recovering from injuries, or for anyone returning to exercise after a period of time away. Also suitable for pregnant and postnatal clients (although I may ask you to attend a 1:1 session with me first if you have not taken a class with me before).


I'm really looking forward to getting this class started, hey I might even start the class a few weeks early if anyone fancies it!

Classes will be £7 each but will be booked by the term (these usually run in blocks of 6-8 weeks). Booking by the term means that you get the maximum benefit from the sessions, allowing for progression week by week, and creating a movement practice that becomes part of your routine. I intend for this class to stay online even when my other classes go back to the studio, so don't let the fact that you might not be local to Truro put you off.

If you are interested in this class please get in touch, my email is

See you in your zoom room!

Rose xx